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    People seek counseling for a variety of reasons, from personal dissatisfaction to traumatic life events that are affecting their daily lives. They meet with counselors who not only respect what they are going through, but respond in a way that offers the client a safe place to explore their issues and learn coping skills. Counselors gather information such as, medical and family history to help them in determining if the disease is environmental or organic. Counselors have undergone specialized training such as, mental health, human development and psychology, that assist them in assessing the needs of their clients. Their first step is diagnosis, then they develop a treatment plan based on each individual targeted issue.

    Customized therapy and sometimes medicine aide in the clients’ ability to cope with the stress of a newly diagnosed mental illness. The most common reason people seek counseling is depression, which presents itself as hopelessness, lethargy and lack of motivation. There are varying degrees of depression that range from mild to severe, both can lead to suicidal thoughts. Sadly, this illness has such a stigma linked to it, such as a fear of appearing weak, people are reluctant to seek treatment. Anxiety is another common thread that people share and it often occurs in small amounts throughout our daily lives. When anxiety begins to interfere with our ability to perform tasks or even paralyzes us from participating in society, it is time to seek treatment. Often manifested by nervousness or imminent danger from a particular activity, anxiety has the ability to mentally and physically cause the sufferer to become a prisoner in their own world.

    help with a bad relationship Couples often seek counseling to reconcile minor or major differences that have occurred in their relationship. It is often a breakdown in communication that has led to these difficulties that can cause a great amount of strain. Coupling is not limited to those who co-habitate together, but rather two people who interact on a daily basis. Individual emotions are often the root of these perceived problems which can often be resolved with therapy that includes role playing.

    Drug addiction is a worldwide epidemic that has no socioeconomic boundaries. It is defined as a chronic compulsion to seek drugs with a disregard for the consequences. Even after a person has stopped taking drugs the long term effects on the brain may be seen. There is a fine line between drug abuse and addiction, where an unquenchable craving is not satisfied by any amount of chemicals. After the initial use of their drug of choice, addicts are forever chasing that elusive euphoric feeling of pleasure. If being with a support group, or seeing a counselor isn’t enough, Narcanon Fresh Start is a great rehabilitation program to look into. Narcanon’s purpose is helping to rebuild individual’s lives, restore families and is giving hope to the future of our youth.


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